Hair & Beard Services

Mastering Men’s Hair

HIS Barber is an expert in men’s precision haircuts and styling, giving men the look they want. Take a look at our services below. Call us for an appointment 020-6255515!

Master Barber Strong Cut

This Hair Treatment includes a shampoo, Master barber cut, a neck clean up, nose ear & eyebrow trim, blow-dry & styling, cool ending with a face wipe and mint splash. Price: € 42,–

Master Barber Young Cut

Tailored cut for young hero’s under the age of 16. Cut, blow-dry and funky styling. Price: € 30,–

Master Barber Urban Cut

Our most popular hair treatment. It’s our master barber strong cut with extra’s like scalp cleansing, head & arm massage, hair conditioner and hot towels. Price: € 55,–

Men’s Grey Hair Treatment

Gently blending your gray hair away towards your natural hair color. A grey precision blending system from American Crew specially designed for men. Price: € 40,–

Master Barber Brand New You

Do you want a brand new look? We will take care of it! Includes: style and hair advice, product advice, 2 times shampoo, a tailored cut, conditioner, eyebrow detailing, blow-dry and styling. Price: € 60,–

Master Barber First Aid Scalp & hair

This treatment is for all the men with problems on the scalp. Such as: dandruff, irritation, flaking, dry scalp, berg disease and hair thinning. Together we will look which kind of product or treatment is necessary for the best results. Includes advice, shampoo, blow-dry and product. Price: Depends on the intensity of the treatment  

SYU Master Barber uses various techniques for cutting men’s hair like scissors, clippers, razors and even fire. See the video below for our fire haircut.

Beard Trim & Shape

A Beard trim with straight razor detailing . We will cut, trim, and
clipper your beard in shape and rinse your face thoroughly after it.
Price: € 33,–

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