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HIS Amsterdam has been the premium hairdresser in Amsterdam for years. Our barbershop and hairdressing salon has been around since 2007 and has since become a household name in Amsterdam. Every man is different and every men’s haircut also requires an individual treatment. So no standard haircut with us, but a haircut with tailor-made haircut and possible beard styling. At HIS Amsterdam your hair will be taken care of by an experienced hairdresser who takes your wishes into account. This is how we create the best haircut for every man, with a look that suits you. Make an appointment for a haircut by clicking the button below.

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Men’s cut and style

At HIS Amsterdam it’s not just about cutting and styling your hair, but also about creating a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere where you feel at ease. Our hairdressers specialize in men’s haircuts and help you find the style that suits you.

Hairdresser Amsterdam with a large number of treatments

We offer different types of hair treatments and in many cases we offer more than just a haircut. With an All-in Men’s Barber Haircut, for example, we also trim the eyebrows and the ear and nose hair as desired. With the Premium Haircuts you receive many extras, such as a scalp cleaning, head and neck massage, Peel Mask or an Eye Treatment. Are you 16 years or younger? Then the Young Men’s Hair Cut is right for you.

Grey hair

Do you want to get rid of your gray hair? Then you can also go to HIS Amsterdam, the hairdresser in Amsterdam. Go for an extensive Men’s Gray Hair Treatment with American Crew Precision Blend for natural gray coverage.

Price list haircut treatments

All in Men’s Barber Haircut

A real masterpiece from our hairdresser. Includes hair cleansing & styling, nape hair removal, nose, ear & brow trimming, blow drying & styling, and a final cleansing, cooling toner & hot towels.
€ 46,–

Student Hair Cut

Especially for Students. Custom cut and styled hair. After presentation of your student card, the affordable student rate is settled.
€ 38,–

Young Men Hair Cut

Especially for the young men among us. Custom styled hair for tough heroes up to 16 years old.
€ 35,–

Premium Hair + Scalp Treatment

A very relaxing hair treatment! Our Barber Haircut with many extras such as scalp cleaning, hair conditioning and a head and neck massage.
€ 60,–

Premium Haircut + Eye Mask

An eye-refreshing hair treatment! Our Barber Haircut with an extra eye mask for tired eyes.
€ 60,–

Premium Haircut + Peel Mask

Beautiful Hair Radiant Face! Our Barber Haircut with an extra Peel Off Mask for intensive cleansing of the face.
€ 70,–

Premium Haircut + Face Mask

Beautiful hair Clean face! Our Barber Haircut with an extra self-foaming cleansing face mask.
€ 70,–

Barbers Haircut & Clean Shave

Take advantage of our Barber Haircut and Traditional Clean Shave.
€ 70,–

Barber Haircut & Beard Shape

Take advantage of our Barber Haircut and Barber Beard Shape.
€ 70,–

Barber Haircut & Head Shave

Take advantage of our Barber Haircut and Barber Beard Shape.
€ 70,–

Men’s Hair Color

American Crew’s gray precision blending system has been specially developed for men. Precision Blend provides natural gray coverage.
€ 40,–

Hair products available at men’s hairdresser Amsterdam

To keep your haircut healthy and in the desired style, you need the right hair products. You can also buy these at HIS Amsterdam. Visit our barbershop or order your shaving equipment, hair products and toiletries via our webshop.

Do you have any questions about one of the haircut treatments? Then contact us by calling.

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About us

At HIS Amsterdam we cut your hair and shave or trim your beard. You can also come to us for waxing body hair, a massage and a facial treatment. Come by for one of our treatments or shop your favorite items in our shaving shop.

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