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At HIS Amsterdam you can go for a haircut, a shave and beard care. Our barbers have an eye for detail and are experts when it comes to traditional shaving techniques. In our barbershop we strive for a total experience, where you really relax completely. Make an appointment now at HIS barber in Amsterdam.

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Specialist for beard trimming Amsterdam

A beard completes your look. But then it should look good. Just like your haircut, your beard also deserves the right attention. If you have a full beard, it is advisable to have it trimmed regularly. For example, we remove the dead ends and bring your beard back into shape. Do you want to give your beard the best care? Then HIS is your specialist. We are the all-round barber in Amsterdam and offer a variety of beard treatments. Of course you can also come to us for a smooth shaven chin.

Shave beard with authentic treatments

At HIS Amsterdam you experience the ultimate shaving pleasure. We work with classic shaving methods and use, for example, an open blade in combination with warm or cooling towels. For example, choose an All-In Hot Towel Clean Shave; This shave includes a moisturizing aftershave treatment. The Barber Shave Facial; combines a smooth shave with comprehensive skin care. Our Premium Clean Shave treatment consists of a classic shave with hot towels, cold towels, protective care and a facial massage.

Have your beard trimmed and styled

Of course it is possible to have your beard trimmed in Amsterdam with extras. A treatment that is then suitable for you is the; All-In Precision Beard Shape & Trim. We cut and style your beard hair down to the smallest details, we also shave the skin under your chin and we take care of your beard with beard oil and beard balm. To trim, style, wash and condition a full beard, choose a Premium Beard Shape treatment.

Price list barber treatments

All in Precision Beard Shape

Trimming, cutting, shaving and styling the beard. We cut and trim your beard hair in detail, shave your skin and clean the skin underneath.
€ 37,50

Beard Color

Coloring your gray beard hairs in a natural shade. (Not full gray coverage)
€ 30,–

Premium Beard Shape

Trimming, styling and conditioning the full beard. Washing and conditioning your beard, cutting, trimming and styling your beard hair in detail, taking care of the beard hair and the skin underneath.
€ 50,–

All in Hot Towel Clean Shave

Classic shave the authentic way with the traditional open blade, hot towels, rich lather and a moisturizing after shave balm.
€ 37,50

Premium Clean Shave

Hot Towel Shave the American way. Includes a classic shave with hot towels, cold towels, refreshing aftershave, facial massage and protective care.
€ 52,50

Barber Shave Facial

A shaving session with facial care in one. The ultimate shaving pleasure! In 5 basic steps: Clean, Prepare, Shave, Skin Feed and Aftercare.
€ 62,–

All-in Barber Head Shave

Smooth shaving of the head with the traditional open blade, warm towels and a protective care afterwards.
€ 40,–

Order your shaving products at HIS barber Amsterdam

Would you like to have your beard shaved regularly in Amsterdam and take care of it yourself in between? Then we sell shaving products from various top brands. Order them via the site or come to our barbershop.

Do you have any questions about one of the beard treatments? Please contact us by calling 020-4211040. Make an appointment? You can do this via the button below.

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At HIS Amsterdam we cut your hair and shave or trim your beard. You can also come to us for waxing body hair, a massage and a facial treatment. Come by for one of our treatments or shop your favorite items in our shaving shop.

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